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Presentation Power

A good presentation not only powerfully conveys the desired message to the audience, but also ensures that it sticks. And convinced. That's not so easy.

Of course you know the core message you want to convey, what your target audience is, their level of knowledge and how best to address them and hold their attention. It is therefore important to provide your presentation with a good structure and the right texts.

Using visuals in the process can make a presentation visual and bring it to life; people are visually oriented and remember about 80% of what they have seen. Especially complex processes are more easily understood by means of visual storytelling. And visual communication has hardly any language barriers.

Less is more

To elaborate a presentation, software tools such as PowerPoint, KeyNote or Prezi are often used. Formatting a presentation in such a program does not seem terribly difficult.

But beware! Before you know it, you run the risk of drowning in the multitude of possibilities, effects, fonts and sizes, colors, etc. Not only will this cost you a lot of time, but the wrong layout can completely destroy the effect you intended for your presentation! Excess in formatting is harmful. So does too much text on a slide. The trick is to use a fine-tooth comb.

Feel free to talk about this with the presentation specialists at Velder. We are happy to advise and support you and can save you time and effort.

We create engaging presentations with impact. That's Presentation Power!

Customized visuals

Illustrations & Animations

Sometimes existing footage is not enough and you want more.
Velder can then take care of professional photography for you. But with the same ease we realize illustrations to support or replace text. Whether it should be simplistic or detailed, we can create visuals in any desired illustration style, perspective, transparency and coloring. As static illustrations, or as a dynamic video animation, including storyboard, matching voice-over voice and supporting music if you wish.

Only a rough idea yet? Our creative team will be happy to advise you. Together we'll come up with a great concept and your product or trade fair presentation guaranteed to be a success!

The benefits

When you hire the professionals at Velder to create your presentations, animations and videos, you are assured of presentation power and can continue to focus on your own activities. More benefits include:

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Recent work

Hybrid video presentation

A good relationship, an international pharma company, asked us to create, for internal use, a short introductory presentation for the transition to a new, comprehensive business control process: Integrated Business Planning. This stands for the integrated planning of the total supply chain within an organization.

In addition to being a very complicated process, our challenge was that there was only three weeks for realization.
In close consultation with our client, it was decided to create a video presentation in a hybrid form with short texts and 2D animations. Equipped with voice-over and supporting background music. Of course also in line with the house style.

First, we created a voice-over script. With that as a basis, we were able to put together a storyboard. We then determined the time available for each item/subject, which visual(s) we could use and what kind of animation was possible.

Our client was enthusiastic about our proposal and budget and quickly gave the green light. That same day, our specialists started working on the elements. After only a few days, they presented their draft to our internal project team for evaluation. Then they could proceed with the technical realization. This way, we were able to submit our presentation to our client for approval more than 4 days before the deadline.

We are used to it, but even we were embarrassed by all the superlatives we got back: "I think it's really GREAT!!! Beautifully designed, clearly matching music, lively, really top!" and "Video just shown. Applause on the benches. You delivered (big time )!"

See, that's what we do it for, that's what really gives us a buzz!

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