From design and production to stock management and delivery.

Outsource your printing?

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Printing & more

Many customers outsource everything concerning their printing package to Velder. Velder can also take care of the entire process for you. From design and prepress to stock management and delivery. Whether it's business cards, manuals, folders, POS material or leaflets and brochures.

Via our smart web application you can view and call off the stock at any time. That way, you stay in control. While you do what you do best, Velder will take care of all the rest for you. And you will have everything to do with your printing well organized.

Knowledge & Experience

Developments in the field of graphics follow each other in rapid succession. Boundaries are blurring and what is the best technology today may be outdated tomorrow. Which technique best suits the look you want? Offset printing? Digital? Or printing? And what choice of materials and finishes?

Good advice on the possibilities, differences and costs always pays off. Velder knows the possibilities in the graphic world. We have been producing high-quality printed matter for our customers for 40 years, in any desired print run and technique.

Printing by Velder

Fast & flexible

How does this work? Simple: you deliver your ready-made file to us digitally or, you let Velder take care of the complete layout. After printing, we deliver it wherever you want. At your place of business or directly to your customers. Our production locations have the most modern equipment with almost 24-hour capacity, allowing us to guarantee constant quality and short delivery times. A high quantity or rush order is therefore not a problem.

With our printing-on-demand printing-on-demand method we produce only at the time of order. This way your brochures, product sheets etc. are always up-to-date. Lead times are short. Stocks can be reduced and you save money.

Printing-on-demand combines well with digital media. Even personalisation is possible. For example, with a name on the front of a brochure, a unique barcode on the back of a manual, or a personal QR code on your business card.

The benefits

If you outsource your printing to Velder, you will have more time left for your own business. Moreover, outsourcing your printing has other advantages:

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New in our product range

Print inspiration

Progressive digitization in the printing industry has recently ensured that classic technologies are rapidly being transformed into new techniques. This allows numerous new applications to be realized in ever smaller print runs.
Wat te denken van bedrukt vloervinyl, kamerbreed leverbaar en geheel naar wens te bedrukken in full-color. Anti-slip, brandvertragend en met een verwachte levensduur van meer dan 10 jaar! Zo kunt u uw bedrijf een wel heel eigen uitstraling geven. Indien gewenst zelfs aangevuld met een bankstel bedrukt met uw eigen logo!

Velder also has numerous products to easily communicate key COVID-19 measures like keeping a sufficient distance and washing hands regularly in and around any business.

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