About us

The strength of Velder

We are Velder

An all-round communication partner that has everything in-house. From concept and design to development and realization. Velder knows the possibilities and works effectively and with a focus on results. Velder started out as a printing company specializing in rush jobs and has since grown into a full-service communication partner.

Our team consists of professionals who combine their expertise with passion for their profession. The team is reinforced by a fixed network of business partners. This is how we offer quality and service to our customers and how we can quickly and efficiently realize solutions that add value for them.

We work for, but mainly together with, clients from various sectors, including electronics, foods, healthcare, IT and telecom. Sometimes larger, sometimes smaller companies. These collaborations are often intensive, in which we apply our knowledge and expertise in order to achieve effective communication solutions for them.

That's how we help them stand out from others. And that ensures that many of these partnerships last for years. Are you also curious about what we could do for you? Then contact us without obligation. We would be happy to tell you more, but we would rather listen to what you want...

Your wish. Our mission.

We want you to be satisfied And stay satisfied

To want to provide the best possible products and services in the field of communication, you have to get the best out of yourself and sometimes go the extra mile. Can't, we don't know. We have a drive to serve our customers in the best possible way and are only satisfied when they are. And then keep coming back to us. That's our mission, that's what gives us a thrill.
Dat is onze missie, dat geeft ons een kick.

We love quality

Velder staat voor kwaliteit, dat weten onze klanten. Daar rekenen ze ook op. We werken er continu aan om de kwaliteit van onze organisatie, producten en services op hoog peil te houden en nog verder te verbeteren. Dat bewaken we en laten we jaarlijks toetsen.  Het kwaliteitsmanagement systeem van Velder is dan ook ISO 9001:2015 gecertificeerd.

Integrity & trust

Images for new products and copy for annual reports are often confidential. Sometimes even stock exchange sensitive. Dealing carefully with that kind of
information is not foreign to us. Neither are we familiar with embargoes and NDAs. Many of our clients have appointed Velder as a Trusted Partner or Preferred Supplier. We are naturally very proud of such a status!

Speed as a trademark

Velder started out as a specialist in express printing. We have since grown into an all-round partner in the field of communication. That speed is still there. But we've never compromised on quality. That is still paramount. For the rest, we love a challenge. So deadlines don't scare us too much. We are used to switching quickly, doing what is necessary and meeting those deadlines if at all possible.

Service that goes beyond

Wij houden van proactief meedenken met onze klanten. Kwestie van inlevingsvermogen. Gewoon door na te gaan hoe we het zelf graag zouden willen als klant. Daarom houden we ook niet van loze beloftes. Wel van het nakomen van gemaakte afspraken. Daar gaan we heel ver in. Nieuwe klanten vinden dat soms verrassend, maar voor ons is dat de normaalste zaak van de wereld. Bij Velder zien wij dat gewoon als onderdeel van ons standaard servicepakket.

How we interact with our customers?

We work for them

Velder has many, wonderful customers. Often for many years. Relationships to be proud of.
Yet we don't like to talk about our customers, we prefer to talk with them. About what moves them and what they are looking for.
What they want from us. And when.

We even prefer that customers talk about us, because they are so enthusiastic.
They can do this much better and more convincingly than we ever could. After all, satisfied customers are our best ambassadors.
We cherish those.


Information Protection

GDPR & Data

Velder is GDPR compliant. Logically. Everyone has a right to privacy and must be able to rely on that privacy being respected. That is important to us. We have also ensured this. We screen all data on personal details well, but apart from that we are very open and transparent. Also about privacy. You can find our Privacy Statement here. staat hier.

For all other data, too, Information Protection is the most normal thing in the world in our eyes. Not because we have to, but because we think it should be. So we are careful, both with our data and with yours. This has been a matter of course for Velder for many years. That's why we also work with certified partners in the IT field. So that what has to be safe, stays safe.