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Design & Impact

You want your message to get across, stick and create a bond. Both to inform existing customers and to acquire new customers. You can only generate optimum effect if your communication can get them to do something.

Text and images are important here. Certainly they are. But at least as essential is a good design that is tailored to the communication channel used. After all, the design of text and images often determines the impact. It can reinforce them and ensure that your message stands out. And appeal. That requires knowledge and experience. Velder knows what it takes and is happy to help you with that.


Velder uses designers in numerous disciplines. From graphic design and web design, to creative image makers and spatial design. That's how we create designs that appeal and have impact. Again and again.

Velder realiseert daarnaast ook de complete uitwerking van die ontwerpen. Tot kant-en-klare bestanden of tot complete eindproducten. Voor o.a.: drukwerk, signing, websites, audiovisuele presentaties. Maar ook voor house style, POS-materialen, beursstands etc. Op die manier kunnen we u ondersteuning bieden op het hele traject en brengen we uw communicatie naar een hoger niveau.

Design by Velder

Effective & Complete

How this works? Simple: everything starts with a comprehensive briefing. On the basis of this we make a few design proposals and discuss them with you. Together we arrive at the final design which we then develop. As the client, you will usually provide the texts yourself. After all, you know what message you want to convey. But if you want us to edit your text beforehand or even have a copywriter write it for you, we can do that.

The same applies to images. We check the images provided for their technical suitability. Required image editing and/or montage we perform with the most modern software professionally. If desired, we can even provide photography or illustrations in the desired style and ambiance.

We will be happy to work out and format different language versions for you. Based on translations provided by you or by having them done by professional translators. In this way we can take care of the entire process for you.

The benefits

Involving the specialists at Velder to realize your design is a wise choice. Its main advantages are:

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Appearance is important!

Professional Corporate Identity

Corporate identity is an essential part of how a company or brand looks to the outside world.

Important elements of corporate identity are color, shape, image, font, typography and even the use of language.

The logo is another important element. It is a visual translation of the company or brand and the best logos are easily recognizable by the public. Well-known branding examples include Apple, Coca Cola and McDonalds.

All the mentioned elements of a corporate identity are used to confirm and strengthen the position of the company or brand in the market.

Therefore, it is very important for any company or brand to have a professional corporate identity. We are happy to help you with that.

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